Wood Within

by Omnianthropy

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Eric Interesting stuff from Mexico. The mix of clean and black vocals is well done. I'd put this more in the gothic metal realm. I like the atmosphere they create, should be interesting to see what they can deliver on a full album. Favorite track: Wood Within.
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Composed, performed and recorded by Feer Black and Chris Azahad.


released February 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Omnianthropy Mexico City, Mexico

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Track Name: Wood Within
When the night falls down
Feel the wind freezing
Hearing a distant singing

Getting no return
Feeling embraced
By this mourn diseased

Pray devastation
Found the lost entry
And fighting couldn't save me

In the deep forest
A call internal
Make myself lose it all

Between wails I will be
Thousand moons are with me
Over me lights shining
Thousand nights to never sleep

Forest turns darker
Under the moonlight
And now I cannot come back

Nothing seems arround
All hope is gone here
Where darkness make us bleed

Long senseless bypaths
Bring me here this night
Is it ending my lifetime?

In my deepest end
Found a wooden blank
To be among the past

Once again
In the dark
Lost myself again
In the path

Once again
Smite inside
No one lives for this
No this time

(Within the woods
Within a dream)

Between trees I will be
Thousand moons are with me
Over me lights shining
Thousand nights to never sleep

Now alone and lost in this place
Walking arround through this endless way
And with no hope for tomorrow again
Just take a breath and wait for the day

The storm will blast the largest axle
And drag the leaves all over the ground
The rain that falls among sky and earth
Is taking the dust and running away

Within the woods the stirs will heal
Eternity will not be real
A halt of life, a quiet bliss
An inner voice that noisly scream
Track Name: Deliverance
Looking the water
Flowing as life
Hear to the voices
Just drop the knife

All those old creatures
Inside myself
Slowly destroy me
With no regret

Next the river place my death
Over me will die the bird

I can't remember
How I came here
Now I don't know if
I want to leave

I can't remember
How used to be
Now I just want to
Set my soul free

See the water take my senses
And the sanity of my mind
Stifling and blasting the reason
Getting an eternal night

Deathly river turns aggressive
And with it I'm watching leave
The innocence of my essence
Which will not come back to me

My heart beats too weak
Laid in my grave
My eyes are closing
I'm almost dead

This sweeter river
Heal my strong thirst
The sky is wheezing
While my soul leaves

Rivers of fire
Burn over me
Wrecking dimensions
Bringing the bliss

(Next the river renaissance
Fly the bird just once again
Next the river renaissance
To forever kill the blade)

(Thousand souls are breaking me down
And claim to me buring
Raise the voice from the redemption
And forever to be free)
Track Name: Rustles Of An Old Tree
Last leaf on the ground
My faith's fading away
Bring the breaking dawn
To find rest in the earth

Once again
Twilight appears
And for a while
We will be there to live

Nothing seems arround
But we are not alone
Let's turn on the light
And not all hope is gone

Once again
We will resist
And for a moment
Just take a breath to live

Sky will not shine again
Our leaves won't come back
We are the ones that kills
And tears us apart